Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Special 2011! (Show Notes)

Click HERE for The Josh and Croz Show Christmas Special 2011 Podcast!

We have been podcasting geeky conversations for a little over 4 years now! Josh Shipley and Brian Crosby are joined again by Jaime McGough to recap antics, with a brief appearance by The Courageous Kleyla Christmas Sweater (and Brandon too).
The Courageous Kleyla Christmas Sweater

We always love to talk about the exciting things that happen around Christmas each year. This year we share some of our favorite personal family traditions.

We end the show with a short snippet of Josh as a Jungle Cruise Skipper. This was at the Disney Family Holiday Party on December 12, 2011.
(Thank you to listener Darin Munnell for the recording!)

Holiday Party Jungle Cruise Skipper, Josh Shipley.
(Thank you to Vanessa Hunt for the photo!)

Random video from this show? Absolutely! This is such a favorite though!

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