Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Show Notes for July 17, 2011 - Disneyland's 56th Birthday from Pixar

We celebrated Disneyland's 56th birthday this year with a group of friends at Pixar. We stayed up pretty much all night long watching Disneyland movies. Great stuff!! In the middle of the night, we recorded this latest podcast. We know, the late night tired podcasts are dangerous, but fun!? You can all decide...

Joining us this time around as a guest to the podcast is Josh Turchetta. Josh produces the great D23 podcast, The Armchair Archivist. If you haven't discovered that one yet, here is your link!

Now we are off to Comic-Con International in San Diego. We'll have a fun podcast report when we return! For up to date info while we are there, follow us on Twitter and on Facebook!

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