Sunday, March 20, 2011

Show Notes for March 17, 2011 - Co-host, John Tartaglia

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Broadway actor John Tartaglia steps in to co-host with Josh this week, as Croz is away at Spring Training in Arizona. We discuss John's career on Sesame Street, Avenue Q, Beauty and the Beast, and Shrek The Musical.

As always, we have included links and reference in our show notes from this episode. Enjoy! :)

Josh's current ID photo.

Pre-School Musical. John is the the Zach Efron type character.

Novelty singer Mrs. Miller had many public appearances in the late '60's and early '70's. She did in fact perform at the Tomorrowland Stage in Disneyland on at least one occasion. There is video proof of her performance, sadly though it is silent. You can read more about Mrs. Miller at

John Tartaglia displaying a special water bottle in Josh's office.

iTunes Music For This Podcast:
Sesame Street: The Best of Elmo - Sesame Street
Ultra-Lounge (Wild, Cool & Swingin') Artist Collection: Mrs. Miller - Mrs. Miller
Avenue Q (Music from the Musical) - Various Artists
Shrek The Musical (Bonus Track Version) - Various Artists

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Kelly said...

How has no one commented on this yet!! Mrs. Miller is by far my new favorite entertainer. Oh if I could only time travel back to see her perform in person...