Saturday, September 17, 2011

Show Notes for September 16, 2011 - DC Comics New 52, Hollywood, Star Wars

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On a lunchtime adventure through Hollywood this week, we discuss our thoughts on DC Comics New 52 and Star Wars on blu-ray. Upping the podcast hyperactivity with Josh Shipley and Brian Crosby this time is Jaime McGough.

In context to the conversation on the podcast, here is our inquisitive view (that also caused Josh to drop the ipod down the seat crack while recording. Such professionals...).

On closer examination, you can see a pair of ruby slippers/heels hanging from the power line. There is a chance that these are tied to the return of Wicked: The Musical to Los Angeles.

On Monday, September 12, 2011, Josh attended the free L.A. Times Hero Complex 30th Anniversary screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. An amazing Q&A session followed with Steven Spielberg (right) and Harrison Ford (middle), led by Geoff Boucher (left).
Photo taken by Josh Shipley in the second row.

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